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The mental health fun fair boasts great talent with original music, unique art and artistry in display and presentation, collaboration with musicians, artists, presenters and talent all for the purpose of creating a good vibe for mental health!

Mental Health Matters

With so many tough conversations happening in 2020, we’ve teamed up with mental health and healing professionals to bring you that “good -good” mental health focused education and entertainment.

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Mental Health Fun Fair 2020

Get ready for the most creative and innovative celebration of mental health in 2020! Have you been stuck inside all year? Have you been an essential worker, balancing the highs and lows of essential work? Are you a college student with anxiety about integrating into school? Do you or someone you love struggle with anxiety in general? Depression? PTSD/ Trauma? Has mental health been a “taboo” subject in your community, church, home? We’ve got something for EVERYBODY. Come vibe with us and take some skills away as we talk about mental health in a real chill way.  We’ve got original music, guest appearances, and more. This program is catered to an adult (and young adult) audience. So get comfy, tune in, and hang out with us at the Mental Health Fun Fair 2020!

We hope that you learn a lot and love what you learn! The event is mental health entertainment and not to be taken as a substitute for your medical advice. However, if you have any questions, reach out! We’d love to hear from you. Stick around for the AFTER PARTY! More information on that to follow.

Mental health matters and it’s nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.


This year, we hope that you are inspired and and find hope in the messages that we share. More importantly, we hope that you find that IT’S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY, and that whatever you’re going through is “normal”. We hope that you see that it’s okay to reach out for help if you need to. It’s okay to call someone out, in love, and be help if you need to. It’s okay to have a bad day and that’s that on that – if you need to.  Mental health IN ALL FORMS matters and we invite you to join us and celebrate!

Besides, its digital, so there’s no excuse!


What happens when music, art, culture, and mental healthcare collide? The Mental Health Fun Fair. This year, we invite young adults and older to hang with us and gain some skills and perspective on prevalent issues and mental health topics. Grab something to eat and drink (support a local business or two if you can), and hang out with us on September 21st, 2020.

The link will be here closer to the date. Stay tuned or subscribe for more details.

Sponsorship opportunities available!

Join us for the Second Annual Mental health fun fair.


This year it’s digital. It’s free. It’s happening. It’s the Mental Health Fun Fair 2020.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Shameless.


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Be a part of a revolutionary approach to mental health in this 2020 season! Tune in for free, or support the production with a monetary donation. Either way, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Mental Health Fun Fair, 2020!


Gifts and donations are open and available whenever, but Gold+ sponsorship ends September 9th, and all official mentions and sponsorship gifts end Sept 15th.

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