The mental health fun fair boasts great talent with original music, unique art and artistry in display and presentation, collaboration with musicians, artists, presenters and talent all for the purpose of creating a good vibe for mental health!

Year One

Year one we transformed the way people celebrate mental health.

Year Two

Year two we revolutionized destigmatizing mental health awareness

Year Three

Year three we brought the fire and made history, again, with hybrid virtual and in person events.

Year Four

Year four we are really excited to provide our audience with a unique experience tailored to motivate on a path to a better life.

Our bottom line: Mental Health Matters.

1 in 5 adults are suffering with a mental health illness. Over 57% of adults with mental illness receive no treatment. ( This destroys relationships, families, and access to quality life. We are creating a world where access to mental health and awareness is normalized.

Mental health matters now more than ever, and we believe that making a positive impact starts with us. Us stepping up; celebrating support, elevating awareness and taking action for mental health. Our novel program, the Mental Health Fun Fair, is doing just that. This year, we’re going up close and personal. We are taking “mental health matters” into your home and hours around the country. With three distinct locations in Southern California; Atlanta, GA; and Chattanooga, TN. This year it’s digital. It’s free. It’s happening. It’s the Mental Health Fun Fair 2021.

The mental health funfair partners with artists, musicians, entertainers, clinicians and healers to provide entertaining and accurate mental health awareness with a flare of culture. This year our free event will be held hybrid both virtually and in-person (Where appropriate to do so).

Our first year, we successfully worked to destigmatize mental health and provide knowledgeable awareness to over 50+ live participants, this year we are looking to do the same for over 500+ hybrid participants.

It is our responsibility to do our part in making the world a more mentally  healthy and relatable safe space. We believe in the power of “us” and we, by hosting the 3rd annual mental health fun fair, are taking action with intention. We are reaching out to you to consider joining us through your support of the MHFF. 

When we talk about ‘us’, know that ‘us’ includes you! We want you to feel included, knowing that your business aligns with what we stand for; making all of us very important impactful agents of change. 

With us in mind, kindly consider supporting our mission, in alignment with your particular passion area through any of these needed and value-adding roles. 

 Celebrating mental health starts with US. Consequently we are shamelessly destigmatizing mental health; celebrating inclusive, modern and innovative mental health awareness, intervention, and education. We have engaged over 500+ participants in our Mental Health Fun Fair Program. We have impacted more than 300+ lives with access to inclusive professional mental health services through our organization. But, we believe, there is no “US” without YOU

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